Follow the Leader

Love everyone, cater to no one.  I read that phrase from a leader recently.  It’s a hard pill to swallow at times and depending on your current or past situation you might have seen the opposite played out.

What would it look like if you actually loved everyone you come in contact with?  No matter their background, outward appearances or quirks.  Now, what would it look like to also cater to no one?  You might think, “That’s impossible!”  But if you love everyone, it doesn’t mean that you give them all they want.  It means that you love them, but you don’t cater to their desires.  Think about someone who did that in the past.  Maybe you’ve seen someone display that kind of love.

The Bible is centered around one man; the God-man; Jesus Christ.  He, in fact, loved everyone, but catered to no one.  John 3:16 (paraphrase) says that He loved the world so much that he died for everyone.  While he traveled and taught many thousands of people, he didn’t cater to all of their needs and nags and whines and petty disagreements.  He waiting till someone he loved, Lazarus, died before he went to visit him.  The Pharisees became angry when he allowed an expensive bottle of perfume be shattered at his feet in a moment of worship.

What is your purpose in your situation?  How can you love everyone?  How can you cater to no one for the sake of the desired outcome?

Follow the true leader Jesus and his example.



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